For anyone who hasn’t been following along, CellarHQ was purchased a few months ago. You can go back and read the previous blog posts if you’re curious. Rob and I have been working on a complete rewrite of the site for the last 3 months and today we are launching CellarHQ 2.0.

The site is 100% new. We changed the web framework and database. Going forward we will be able to add features quickly. We have a robust set of tests to prevent major defects when we make changes. The site is much more reliable and will not crash every few days.

What is new

  • Totally new layout. We will be making changes to this over time but the site looks better and works better on mobile devices.
  • Addition of some trading features. You can designate a beer as available to trade, and include various ways for someone to contact you about it (reddit, beer advocate, twitter)
  • Bin numbers for cellared beers
  • Drink By dates and warnings when a beer gets close to that date
  • Can edit brewery data (if the data did not come from brewery db)
  • Can edit beer data (if the data did not come from brewery db)
  • Lots of updated data from brewery db as well as removed spam

What is gone

  • Import isn’t done and will be relaunched in the next few weeks.
  • Activity feed is gone and may or may not come back.

Important note about passwords

We take security very seriously and we decided not to export passwords from the 1.0 database and import them into the 2.0 database. Because of this, if you don’t login with twitter, you will want to use the forgot password functionaltiy. Please visit to send yourself an email.

What happens if I run into a problem?

There are a few methods to report problems. You can use our UserVoice by visiting Please post a detailed message including your username.

You can also email

We’ve done a limited beta test with about 15 volunteers and have squashed as many bugs as possible but we know there will be issues in the first few days. We will be aggressively fixing problems and responding to issues so please don’t hesitate to reach out.