You can now jazz up your CellarHQ profile a bit by adding your Name, Location, Website, Bio, and a Picture to your profile. Tell us who you are, where you’re from, share a link to your own site or Twitter account, and tell us about your cellar in your Bio.


To enter your Profile Information, go to Settings, enter your information, and upload a picture. Click Update and you’re done.

Your Cellar

Your cellar page will show your information while you manage your cellar and on your public profile page.

Update from Twitter

If you sign in with your Twitter account, you can instruct CellarHQ to use your public Twitter profile information on CellarHQ as well. Each time you sign in from Twitter, your CellarHQ profile will update as well.

This is also set on the Settings page. It is disabled by default. Your CellarHQ picture will not update from Twitter.

Private Cellars

As always your cellar and information will be kept private if you choose. You can still enter your profile, but only you will be able to see it.