With the third release of CellarHQ, there are a few notable front-end changes and many back-end changes. The front-end changes bring a Notes field for your cellard beers, a Cellars directory similar to the Breweries and Beers directories already on the site, and a Cellar Updates listing on the home page. Read on for more details on each of these.

Cellar Directory

CellarHQ has had directory of Breweries and Beers since launch, but in this new release, we now have a directory of Cellars as well. This lists all public cellars and lets you search by screen name. Each cellar is listed with it’s current Total Beers, Unique Beers, and Breweries count.

This is the start of many more changes in the works to faciliate cellar sharing and trading. Stay tuned for more…


The most recent cellar additions are now shown on the CellarHQ home page in a scrolling ticker. See what your fellow CellarHQ users have picked up lately.

Notes Field

You can now add Notes to your cellared beers. Your Notes could be where you bought the beer, when you plan on drinking it, the batch number, etc. It’s up to you how you want to use this field.

Notes are indicated by a small orange “chip” on the Bottle Date table cell in your listing and displayed when you mouse over the cell.

Notes can be entered when first adding a beer or when updating an entry. Notes are also displayed on your public cellar page.

Other Minor Changes

  • You must now be signed in to add a new brewery or beer.
  • Settings and Your Cellar links have been re-ordered in the navigation bar.
  • Form validation has been added and fixed in some places.

From the Cellar

To celebrate the release, I pulled a Bohr from Cigar City Brewing from the cellar.

Thanks for everyone’s continued support!