The first week of CellarHQ has been very exciting and encouraging. I’ve received great feedback in the form of issues, feature requests, suggestions, and more. Believe me, I love the feedback, good and the bad, and look forward to more. I want CellarHQ to grow to be the destination for beer enthusiasts to manage and share their beer cellars and your feedback will help that happen by helping me build CellarHQ into the community you want it to be.

Based on your feedback, I have released a minor update to CellarHQ with some new features.

New Features

Editable Entries

You now have the ability to edit cellar entries after you’ve added them. With this comes some minor user interface changes as well.

New Buttons

Edit Form


High-level cellar statistics are now shown at the top of every cellar. See the Total Beers, Unique Beers, and Breweries in a cellar.

Private Cellars

You now have the option to mark your cellar as private. A private cellar cannot be viewed by anyone but its owner. This setting is turned on by clicking the Settings link in the menu bar after login, checking the Private checkbox, and then clicking Update. This setting takes effect immediately.

Settings Link

Private Setting

Other Minor Changes

There were several other minor fixes and tweaks to the site:

  • Specific issues with the brewery Nøgne Ø were fixed
  • Date validation was fixed when setting Bottle Date on your cellar entries
  • Minor UI changes to beer attributes SRM and IBU
  • Minor UI changes to brewery and beer descriptions
  • Fixed JavaScript issues with Internet Explorer

Your Feedback

To reiterate, your feedback is very important to me. Please keep it coming via Twitter (@cellarhq), email (, or the feedback link at the bottom of every page on the site. The feedback link is especially helpful as it lets other users see what issues and feedback have been reported and then comment or vote on them.

Much thanks to all of you early adopters.